About Us

Our Mission:

(((belle sound))) is a walking contradiction of a label. Partly fact and mostly friction. There's always been a huge discrepancy between what's out there and what's actually filtered down to thepeople. What's new? Start a label? Are you crazy? Start a label NOW? Why shake your fist at the monolith in protest, it's always been there.

Then again, why not? This isn't about who's indier than thou. This isn't about sides. This isn't about MySpace friends or enemies, this is about the relationship between art and commerce we navigate daily in all our lives. We're all artists rubbing up against each other like so many molecules - like magnetic fields corkscrewing into a great void out of the recording studio's, into your homes, into your dashboards, in your ear and into your fragile psyche.

We've heard it said, Art can be defined as the simple act of taking your life and making it better.


Yes it's true, things are bleak out there.major labels are utilizing technologies to copy-protect their disks. (We won't be doing that any time soon. Even if we had the technology. We promise).

My goodness, Tower Records. Always right there on the corner. Open til Midnight, 365 days a year. The store that in the back-in-the-day days stocked every obscure west coast 7".

We would stand in front of that rack in awe.

One more sign of the apocalypse?

Media conglomerates are in a merger frenzy. Copy protection on the rise. Why? Because they all know that we're thieves. Who wants to be treated like a thief? The entertainment drug cartel isn't all bad. Lots of good folks started off with good intentions. But they all want more.

That's all they know. Like HP sitting up there above the world like a god, they all want more.

And so do we.

And so it goes. We were once a one man show, but just look how we've grown. We've brought some fine folks on board we'd like to introduce to you:

Sonny Smith. He's our first signing and is sole reason why we're cleaning our selves up for a real church wedding.

Redeye distribution presses and distributes the records. We make them together and we sell them.

Kara Johnson does the website design and overseas the mail order.

Robert Vickers is our house publicist. Well not OUR house, he's actually in his house. proxymedia@frontier.net.

Chuck Prophet does other stuff. prophet6@mindspring.net.

Be true to your school,

Your friends at (((belle sound))).